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The difference between A36 and SG295 JIS metal sheets


As a leading hot rolled plate mill in China, We manufacture and export carbon steel and alloy SG295 JIS metal sheets steel plates in different sizes and of different thickness. We have an adept and proficient team of professionals in addition to our responsive staff that is ever alert for any customer queries and requisites. If you are experiencing difficulty in selecting the correct SG295 JIS metal sheets steel plates for your business, we have a team of experts who can give you the best advice on steel plates, a significant contributor that can flourish your business.

Among stainless steels, austenitic stainless steel has the best process performance. Due to its good plasticity, SG295 JIS metal sheets, austenitic stainless steel can be processed into various plates, tubes and other profiles, suitable for pressure processing. Martensitic stainless steel has poor process performance due to its high hardness. Stainless steel has corrosion resistance, enhanced strength, steel deformation is not easy to crack and environmental protection performance, not easy to rust, and has good ductility and toughness. Stainless steel is suitable for use in harsh environments (indoor and outdoor environments such as humidity, acid and alkali).

SG295 JIS metal sheets, Strip steel has obvious characteristics. First, it is thin and easy to bend, convenient for logistics and transportation, and saves logistics costs. Second, the surface quality of strip steel is good. Third, the strip steel is easy to process, and it can be processed only by straightening the bent part. Fourth, the strip steel has high precision and it is a good raw material for processing blades and saw blades. Strip steel is widely used in the manufacture of welded pipes, clamps, washers, spring blades, saw blades and other fields.

Vanadium mainly exists in the form of carbide in SG295 JIS metal sheets and so on steel. Its main function is to refine the structure and grain size of steel and reduce the strength and toughness of steel. When the solid solution is dissolved at high temperature, the hardenability is increased; conversely, if it is in the form of carbide, the hardenability is reduced. Vanadium increases the tempering stability of quenched steel and produces secondary hardening effect. The vanadium content in steel, except high speed tool steel, is generally less than 0.5%.

SG295 JIS metal sheets, Q345B steel plate strength has much to do with its thickness. First, the min. yield strength of Q345B steel plate: 345 Mpa for thickness ≤16mm, 335 Mpa for thickness 16-40mm, 325 Mpa for thickness 40-63mm, 315 Mpa for thickness 63-80mm, 305 Mpa for thickness 80-100mm, 285 Mpa for thickness 100-150mm, 275 Mpa for thickness 150-200mm, 265 Mpa for thickness 200-250mm. Second, the tensile strength of Q345B steel plate: 470-630 Mpa for thickness ≤100mm, 450-600 Mpa for thickness 100-250mm.

We are a professional exporter of JIS 3101 SS 540 steel and a steel stockist in China. We stock more than 1000 tons of JIS 3101 SS 540 steel every month. If you want to get the price of JIS 3101 SS 540 steel, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone at any time if you have any need for the SG295 JIS metal sheets chemical composition and mechanical properties of JIS 3101 SS 540.

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