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What is JIS G3116 SG255 steel main chemical elements


With our own engineers, metallurgists and CAD draftsmen, we can provide total support from design through to machined casting. OEM precision casting investment JIS G3116 SG255 steel casting auto parts, customized investment casting auto parts, custom precision casting automobile parts, truck casting iron fitting parts. Precision Casting: Tooling making → Wax pattern → Shall making → Chemical analysis → Pouring → Measurement & inspection → Heat Treatment → Processing → Finished product.

The latest oil market forecast presented by the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its March report shows that as the impact of COVID-19 spreads globally, travel and broader economic activity are limited, global oil demand is expected to decline in 2020. As the current situation remains uncertain, this has created great uncertainty in assessing the global impact of the epidemic. In the core foundation forecast of the IEA, the sharp shrinkage of China’s oil consumption, coupled with severe disruptions in global tourism and trade, will cause global oil demand to decline for the first time since 2009.

The company now has JIS G3116 SG255 steel oversea market department, sales and supply department, finance department, logistics department, technical equipment department, quality management department, production department and other departments. The staff with college degree or above accounted for more than 80%, and there were more than JIS G3116 SG255 steel 30 professional and technical personnel. The LSAW pipe production line can produce welded pipes with Φ350-1800mm, wall thickness 6-80mm, and length 2-12m.

The company's products JIS G3116 SG255 steel have excellent quality, reasonable prices and strong usability, and are well received by users. Survive by quality, expand the market with integrity, continuously research and develop new products, expand varieties, to meet market demand, and make the company continue to grow. The needs and interests of users are our high philosophy of service and commitment, and customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit.

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