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How about the JIS SG365 steel coil China supplier


EH500 steel plates and EH550 steel plates are both ultra-high-strength structural steel plates for ships and oceans. The addition of microalloying elements can not only improve the strength, compensate for the strength loss caused by the reduction of carbon equivalent, but also improve the welding performance, mechanical properties and process performance of the steel JIS SG365 steel coil. Due to the use environment requirements of EH500 steel plate and EH550 steel plate, it can meet the requirements of high strength, high toughness, high welding performance, and thickness direction performance.

The company has sufficient inventory and complete varieties and specifications. In line with the sales principle of low price operation and quality first, let customers buy JIS SG365 steel coil at ease and use it comfortably! Integrity, professionalism and efficiency are our service tenets. We will wholeheartedly provide excellent JIS SG365 steel coil products and high-quality services for new and old customers. We also sincerely welcome new and old customers to call and write to discuss business and guide work!

Oxygen is a harmful element in JIS SG365 steel coil steel. With the increase of oxygen content, the strength of JIS SG365 steel coil steel increased, but the plasticity, especially the toughness, decreased significantly, and the weldability became worse. The presence of oxygen causes hot brittleness of JIS SG365 steel coil steel.

JIS SG365 steel coil 2020 spot size: 16*1800*6000, 15*2500*10000, 25*2400*8200, 50, 25*2400*8200, 16*2000*10713, 25*2400*8200, 16*2270*11900, 15*2500*10000, 25*2400*8200, 28*2170*13000, 130*2200*7700, 100*1770*6650, 88*3440*9200, 12*2200*8000, 8*2200*5730, 16*2320*10000, 30*2400*9680 12*2200*8000, 16*1800*6000, 50*1820*10700, 130*2200*7700.

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